The Story


So, here’s the deal…

Erin Arata is a novelist, essayist, screenwriter, copyeditor, and serial plant-namer. She is currently delving too deeply into embarrassing teen fashion choices while writing a YA novel.

Her short story “Rosie Gonzales Describes Her Future Husband” appeared in The Briar Cliff Review, Volume 27. Her essay “This Letter Isn’t For You” was published as a part of The Rumpus’s “ENOUGH” series. Her weekly podcast “Go Chuck Yourself” (cohosted with Chris Gillespie) is pretty mortifying, but her mom thinks it’s fun. She received a BFA in Fiction from Emerson College.

Erin used to live in New York City, but she got tired of sharing 350 square feet with a family of cockroaches. Now lives in Los Angeles, where at least one praying mantis has shown up on her pillow.

“Rosie Gonzales Describes Her Future Husband” won the 2014 EVVY Award for “Outstanding Prose – Fiction.” When she was 9, Erin placed in a Magic Tree House playwriting contest and won a free book, which has since gone missing.

Erin grew up in central Massachusetts, where the most exciting thing on Main Street were the cows that got loose sometimes. Her cat is way cooler than she is.